My Approach – Individual and Couple’s Counseling

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is the most important element for personal change and growth. I strive to create a place where you feel safe–safe to talk about what’s on your mind, to explore your fears and desires, to get in touch with feelings, to take risks and to come away with a new experience of yourself.

A Simple Therapy is about finding the support and strength within you that lets you live with integrity.

I use a holistic approach that incorporates thoughts, feelings, spirituality and the body to help you tap into your own inner resources and capacity for healing.

I integrate person-centered therapy, gestalt therapy, motivational interviewing, emotionally focused therapy (EFT), psychodynamic therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. My style is collaborative, working alongside you as a partner in your journey of self-exploration and development.

For couples, I use emotionally focused therapy (EFT), which is a short-term, evidence-based approach that goes beyond improving communication skills. EFT helps distressed couples have new emotional experiences where they can break the negative cycle of conflict and mistrust, express their feelings and needs to their partner, and feel heard, understood and loved again. Couples learn to identify and change negative patterns in their relationships, and create more closeness, intimacy and loving connection. Research studies on EFT show that it is effective in helping 70-75% of couples move out of distress and approximately 90% show significant improvements. Click here to learn more about EFT.

How can my psychotherapy approach help you?

By increasing your awareness of what you feel (your emotions on the surface and deeper, hidden feelings), how you relate to other people (assertive or withdrawn), how you act (cautious or impulsive), how you think (positive or negative thoughts), how your body responds (tense or calm), how you derive meaning (with gratitude or defeat)–and when these things get in the way of making changes.

How intense is psychotherapy?

It depends. Sometimes issues are difficult to bring up, but over time I encourage you to try. That is when real growth and connection occur. I will listen closely, support you through the challenge, remain mindful of your needs and appropriately pace our sessions. My clients say they feel comfortable working with me and talking to me about anything!

Ready to set up an appointment? Email me here.

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