How are you really doing? Not on the surface, but deep within.

Have you been struggling with something? Not feeling like yourself lately?

Stuck in patterns that keep you from embracing your relationships, accomplishing your goals and making changes?

At A Simple Therapy, you get to discover who you are without all the stress. And be that person!

You want more in life. You want movement–to go after your dreams, take risks and embrace your life.

And sometimes you want stillness too–to be able to sit back, feel calm and appreciate the gifts around you.

My therapeutic approach speaks to your desire for both progress and ease. Staying balanced while in motion.

I love working with couples and individuals. I help you discover that part that does the right thing, takes action and dreams big, but often is just a whisper.

That part–the best in you–is in there, longing to be heard.

Together we meet your best self and open up to the possibilities of your life.

I also provide consultation and training for therapists, incorporating this same dynamic to help professionals find their balance while making progress and taking action in sessions and in their careers.

Are you ready to get started on your personal or professional journey now? 

Contact me today!

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