For Therapists


I have training and experience in clinical supervision and am passionate about working with colleagues to enhance their private practices and therapeutic skills.  I offer supervision to counselors who are conditionally licensed (LCPC-C) seeking board-approved clinical supervision, as well as fully licensed clinicians seeking professional development, personal growth, collaboration and case consultation. To find out more about supervision, email me here.

A Unique Community Just for Therapists!

Join us today in The Whole Therapist Community!

The Whole Therapist is an online community to help therapists deal with the unique issues we face in work and life. It’s a place where therapists can be seen, heard and accepted. After all, we hold this space for our clients, but who holds it for you?

The Whole Therapist offers community, support, self-care, confidence, skills, practice building and spiritual growth for your therapist-human self! Together, we grow, connect and move into being even better therapists and better people.

That’s when you can share your humanity with the world!

The Whole Therapist is founded on the three principles of Being, Belonging and Becoming.  Within this framework, we address:

  • Being: Deepening your sense of who you are as a therapist and as a human. 
  • Belonging: Having an intimate space to grow, permission to show up authentically and connect with a community where you feel understood and supported.
  • Becoming: Trusting yourself and your intuition while serving others from a place of confidence and attuned clinical expertise.

When you join The Whole Therapist Community, you connect with other therapists to support your practice and your lifestyle through lessons, resources, coaching, Q&A and discussions. Would love to have you join us! Click here to connect!

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