Getting Started

Please Note: Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all in-office appointments are canceled indefinitely. Clients may instead schedule video telehealth therapy sessions

Especially during these stressful times of isolation and unpredictability during the coronavirus pandemic, I encourage you to schedule a secure video appointment with me. Research shows that they can be just as effective as in-person appointments, and you can begin or continue your care without interruption.


Feel free to call (207-653-1496) or email me for an appointment. Let me know briefly what brings you to therapy–what would you like to work on and change? I offer daytime and evening appointments.


In-network provider for Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield and Maine Community Health Options. I do not accept any other insurances, but you may have out-of-network benefits available.

Please contact your insurance company to find out about your mental health benefits and whether you need pre-authorization or a referral to begin therapy. You may have a co-pay, deductible/coinsurance or certain number of sessions per year.  Insurance can be confusing, and I am happy to assist you with this.


You can also self-pay if you do not have health insurance, have a high deductible, or prefer not to use insurance for reasons of privacy. Many clients choose to maintain control of the confidentiality of their therapy sessions by paying out of pocket. Insurance companies require a diagnosis, charges and dates of service, at the least, and often request progress reports and personal information to authorize additional sessions.


$125.00 for a 50-minute individual session
$150.00 for a 60-minute couple’s session
Cash, checks and credit/debit/HSA cards accepted.

Low Cost Option:

When available, you can see our counseling intern for $20-$25 session.  Learn more here!

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