Loving an Addict in Recovery – 5 Ways to Rebuild Your Relationship

Being in a relationship comes with all kinds of challenges. We are constantly hearing about how to build intimacy, improve communication, share responsibility, create friendships, manage finances, raise children and so on. But for couples where one partner is in recovery from addiction, these how-to ideas often fall short. When you love an addict, you… Continue reading Loving an Addict in Recovery – 5 Ways to Rebuild Your Relationship

Focus on Your Truth

How do you find your strength? That unique essence that says you exist, you matter. Maybe you know it’s there, inside of you, solid and powerful, a compact source of energy. Like the fastball that resides within the pitcher’s body-mind-arm-glove, setting up for release. But sometimes, this inner strength is harder to locate and retrieve. We struggle… Continue reading Focus on Your Truth

Fear and Love: Adult Peek-a-boo

We scare each other all the time. It begins with passionate love, or tentative like, warm comfy sensations from being hugged, or mind igniting sparks from stimulating conversation. We feel attracted, interested, curious, pulled--and into the gap between two human beings we fall. At first it's nice. We feel held, supported, lifted. We experience a shared… Continue reading Fear and Love: Adult Peek-a-boo

The Power of Light

    With the first snowfall and turning back the clocks, winter and the season of darkness has descended. Here in Portland it began with an unthinkable tragedy--the horrific deaths of five young people, all friends, and another critically injured, in the deadliest house fire in Maine in decades. Our community is reeling. Family and friends… Continue reading The Power of Light