Why men can feel isolated in relationships

There's a social construct that men fix things, are do-ers, and take a pragmatic approach when obstacles arise. Problems are to be analyzed and solved. In relationships, this often works, for a while. An attentive husband/partner may say: "What can I do to help? Tell me what's wrong? Have you thought about trying this instead?"… Continue reading Why men can feel isolated in relationships

Fear and Love: Adult Peek-a-boo

We scare each other all the time. It begins with passionate love, or tentative like, warm comfy sensations from being hugged, or mind igniting sparks from stimulatingĀ conversation. We feel attracted, interested, curious, pulled--and into the gap between two human beings we fall. At first it's nice. We feel held, supported, lifted. We experience a shared… Continue reading Fear and Love: Adult Peek-a-boo